The events of 2020 are driving companies, communities and other organizations to rebrand. This is not as easy as it seems in our experience.

The land of rebranding is profoundly challenging:

  • Rebranding is extremely hard work due to the congestion of all names both in the physical world as well as online. You think you can get that URL. Guess again…
  • There are language complexities that need to be considered. At a minimum, Spanish, in the United States. But for global brands, this is profoundly difficult.
  • Are you building the category as well as your own position? Are you new to an existing category with a new point of differentiation?
  • Bold ideas like Alphabet, for example, take a boatload of money to drive that recognition, but you are free and clear typically from complexities.
  • Simple straightforward ideas that convey brand benefits clearly and easily for customers are a delight, but are hard to find

So, before you start, let us offer a few eternal truths. Rebranding takes time and is hard work. Unlike which servers to deploy, everyone in your organization is an immediate expert on brand options – not that they can think of any options but they will hate your proposal at light speed. Plan for time to bring all decision-makers along.

Rebranding is beautiful work when well done. But it is expensive, time-consuming work. Plan accordingly or hope for a miracle.